If someone warns you not to drink from their water bottle because they have a cold…..LISTEN TO THEM!

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Ok so basically…


I’m going into full research mode on this geography homework….. Hm… ‘That’s normal, yeah you just want to finish a geography homework…sure!’

Yeah…but you see into the new term we have had literally 4 geography lessons….and 1 of them was with a supply teacher! And now…..we have a graded homework… Woop dee doo!

So…full research mode (otherwise known as stalker mode for all the weird people out there..)

Headphones – music

Internet- about 6 tabs open at once… (All trying to find out pretty much the same thing in different perspectives)

Laptop – Also having PowerPoint open as well as a notepad. (Online notepad…I’m not gonna actually write this ish down if I’m then going to type it again n PowerPoint!)




(Wish me luck)


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DIY Roundup: Update Your Curtains

Saw these ideas and thought that they all looked really cool!

M&J Blog

Curtains are among the first details you notice when you enter a room. They are both functional and fashionable. In order to get that dramatic effect curtains should be embellished with fringe, pom-pom trim, or greek key Jacquard. Purchasing these curtains ready-made can get pretty expensive which is why we always take the DIY route at M&J. To make your own customized curtains you can purchase inexpensive curtains from a department store and embellish them with any decorative trim. The options are endless!

To give you some inspiration we’ve rounded up some of our favorite curtain makeovers. Let us know what you think!

DIY Back Tap Curtains via I Heart Nap TimeDIY-back-tab-curtains1

DIY Pom Pom Curtains via 6TH Street Design School pompom-5

Ikea Curtain Makeover via Lilikoi Joy DSC_0323 pm

Ikea Curtain Makeover via Dwellings by Devore 3

Curtains from Drab to Fab via …Love Maegan


Customize Store-Bought Curtains via The Shabby…

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Is this actually possible…

Stressing out….Can’t find my phone anywhere….All I know is that it’s somewhere in the house…How does this happen to me 3 times a day???


I think I should just accept this as part of my daily routine…

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Hip hip hooray!!!

I think we should all take a time out to congratulate the new member of our pointless, useless, strange, random, stupid, annoying, entertaining club, which is, of course, RANDOM RANTS OF LIFE!!!!!!!


Welcome to the party!!!

Trust me new follower, MAYA, you will fit in just fine. Please come in, take a seat, and enjoy. Enjoy my rants, or comment something you would like me to rant about….Gosh this is a fun party….



Let’s all complain together!!!


Everybody join the party! The follow button is just up there and it only takes 1 click to join the wonderful party!

And it would make my day. Follow Mayas lead and come, join! Come in, take a seat, and listen to my rants and suggest ideas for your rants!


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Days like….this…

Do you ever get those days where you’re like..ERR…..this..

‘No, no. I just can’t do this any more. It’s just too stressful. IT’S TOO STRESSFUL!’ 


A few days ago I was having a day like that…gosh….












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KEEK and whole bla bla blaaa

Also just a side note…my friend told me about this fab website called’s really cool you should check it out…it’s kinda like mini YouTube….Ok it’s pretty much the same just…. the videos have a max of 36 seconds each….and people just record it on their phones…and there is no editing…yeah…

Hello….please check out this website called KEEK….it is the lazy YouTube…


Anyway my friend has an account and has posted some videos there…and so have I….

But I warn you if you are going to check it out…they are kinda…random….as is my life…so all I can say is if you check it out…You knew what you were getting into….

My name is mentalageof3 (mental-age-of-3) and the thingy codey…web address….LINK! The link is to my profile and if you wanna just go to KEEK and check out some videos…maybe make some….By the way….if any of you make an account I’d love to know so I can watch them and follow…..and like and comment and the whole bla bla bla….so please leave a commetn (that is not how you spell comment….) so I can watch your videos!!!

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Just kinda realized I’ve been sitting in complete darkness for like 2 hours just watching YouTube videos…dammit YouTube …why are you so funny! Urgh! But….I turned a light on….and now its like…..light. Its just like…hmm…how to explain it….

It’s like I’ve gone blind for like 2 hours and suddenly…


Yeah…my life isn’t very exciting…why are you reading this? Really? Why ARE you reading this? I bet you don’t even know why….

Argh…my life is a lie….



So…I think we’ve all learnt 2 things today..

1. Think about what you’re reading…and make sure you have a reason to reading it  (unless its on this website because nothing on here has a point so just pop back any time and read some crazy rubbish!)


2. I am an owl.

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Bad Yahoo…Bad bad Yahoo…

‘Yahoo Mail found the original email, but encountered problems displaying it. Please try again later.’ …not cool Yahoo…..THAT EMAIL HAD MY HOMEWORK ON IT…bad Yahoo

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Covering books…

Does anyone else feel like sticky back plastic plastic…is…..TOO sticky??


….*covering books*

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