KEEK and whole bla bla blaaa

Also just a side note…my friend told me about this fab website called’s really cool you should check it out…it’s kinda like mini YouTube….Ok it’s pretty much the same just…. the videos have a max of 36 seconds each….and people just record it on their phones…and there is no editing…yeah…

Hello….please check out this website called KEEK….it is the lazy YouTube…


Anyway my friend has an account and has posted some videos there…and so have I….

But I warn you if you are going to check it out…they are kinda…random….as is my life…so all I can say is if you check it out…You knew what you were getting into….

My name is mentalageof3 (mental-age-of-3) and the thingy codey…web address….LINK! The link is to my profile and if you wanna just go to KEEK and check out some videos…maybe make some….By the way….if any of you make an account I’d love to know so I can watch them and follow…..and like and comment and the whole bla bla bla….so please leave a commetn (that is not how you spell comment….) so I can watch your videos!!!


About mentalageof3

I think my name says it all...... But as extra information never hurt..(unless your in a science test and you give 2 answers when it actually said to only give 1 way and even though both answers were right they gave you the mark wrong as you gave 2 answers!) umm....anyway... Hello there my name is ELLIE I started these blogs just so I could have a hobbie that included writing, but soon enough quite a lot of people have started reading it and subscribing!! I am very happy and very excited about what the future holds! Maybe one day I'll make it onto Freshly Pressed!! I don't know, but I have high hopes! In the meantime, I'm going to carry on writing HOW TO posts and RANDOM STORY posts, checking out other peoples blogs and just carrying on in my happy crazy sense! I hope you all enjoy!! BYE!
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