The most amazing 2 days ever!!!!!!!

OK so…the first day!!!

1. we missed period 5 and the prep of period 4 as we had to go on a rounders tournament

2. I love rounders

3. We won against loads of schools

4. I have a medal for it

5. I only got 1 piece of prep that day

As you can already see the 1st day was AMAZING..lets see how amazing the 2nd day was

6. I got very easy prep all day

7. We had 2 supply teachers in the worst lessons

8. We didn’t miss games and in games we played ROUNDERS

9. At lunch we had a craft luch where I finally painted my …creation..and now it really is starting to look like ..what it is supposed to look like..

10. After school we had ROUNDERS inter form…(we didn’t win but what the hell it was damn right fun)

11. My friend and I went to another friends house where we got extremely high on crisp sandwiches. Buenos and Fanta ( which is you drink it it makes you fantastic…or high…usually both..)

OK that is it and DAMN what a post that was!! I am soooooo happy right now!!! I have no idea why…=definition of high..woops

OK I’m going to go now because if I stay any longer I will just ramble and ramble and ramble………….and ramble…..*3 years later*…and ramble and ramble and ramble……….

12. Then we played volleyball while hyper, while havin an unfair judge *cough* Soapy *cough. (sorry bad throat) This was probably the funniest thing I have ever done!!

13. Then when we were walking Soapy back I made up a remix with my other friend about all the 7 …..wait..8 different songs that have been stuck in my head…………for 3 flippen weeks!!!

14. Then I came home, and am writing the blog which I forgot to do yesterday….sorry about that by the way

15. I am wearing shorts which means I can officially say…’IT’S SUMMER’

16. I am also wearing sunglasses just to show off the full summer kit






About mentalageof3

I think my name says it all...... But as extra information never hurt..(unless your in a science test and you give 2 answers when it actually said to only give 1 way and even though both answers were right they gave you the mark wrong as you gave 2 answers!) umm....anyway... Hello there my name is ELLIE I started these blogs just so I could have a hobbie that included writing, but soon enough quite a lot of people have started reading it and subscribing!! I am very happy and very excited about what the future holds! Maybe one day I'll make it onto Freshly Pressed!! I don't know, but I have high hopes! In the meantime, I'm going to carry on writing HOW TO posts and RANDOM STORY posts, checking out other peoples blogs and just carrying on in my happy crazy sense! I hope you all enjoy!! BYE!
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