The maths trip

So I went to Bletchly Park today with my Maths Class. And everyone had told me how amazing it was. Seeing all the code breaking and attempting it yourself! Yeah it sounded great, but when we left school it kinda turned worse after worse after worse.

1. The coach didn’t arrive until 25 minutes after it was supposed to arrive

2. When we were waiting for the coach it was fun at first but then everyone was being annoying and jokey cussing everyone. Then our maths teacher came and joined in (teachers trying to be cool= annoying!!!) but he COULD NOT CUSS.

3. Once we had got there I thought ‘OK bad start but the code breaking will be fun and exciting..’. When we did actually try to break the codes the people there juts give you the code breaker and you just sit in a stuffy room turning a wheel to translate letter after letter.

4. Then we had a tour of the mansion which was boiling and we spent the whole time fanning ourself’s. The tour guide just stood  in one place droned on for 10 minutes then moved about 5 metres away then droned on again!!

5. The code breaking machine was boiling. It generated (smart word) so much heat and they had one fan!! But they were not allowed to open any windows or doors OH NO!! And while all of this was happening we were all standing up!! KILLER!

6. On the way back to school the coach was BOILING!!! 3 problems. 1, the air conditioning was broken. 2, there were no windows, I really considered opening the emergency exit!! 3, we were all sitting so close together!! DEATHLY COACH!

So that was how my day went and there were actually only a few things that I wish I knew before. Such as that I sort of forgot that my maths teacher was coming with us (by the way I don’t like my maths teacher, no one does, he calls us annoying names and is just frankly annoying!) another thing I wish I thought of was to bring more things to do. TIP ALWAYS BRING MORE THINGS TO DO THAN YOU WOULD EXPECT! Because after a while card games get pretty boring!

Hope it was fun for you to read about how I suffered!!! (Even though I sound like a rich snooty girl saying that, can I juts say…I’m not a rich snooty girl!) Sorry! BYEE


About mentalageof3

I think my name says it all...... But as extra information never hurt..(unless your in a science test and you give 2 answers when it actually said to only give 1 way and even though both answers were right they gave you the mark wrong as you gave 2 answers!) umm....anyway... Hello there my name is ELLIE I started these blogs just so I could have a hobbie that included writing, but soon enough quite a lot of people have started reading it and subscribing!! I am very happy and very excited about what the future holds! Maybe one day I'll make it onto Freshly Pressed!! I don't know, but I have high hopes! In the meantime, I'm going to carry on writing HOW TO posts and RANDOM STORY posts, checking out other peoples blogs and just carrying on in my happy crazy sense! I hope you all enjoy!! BYE!
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2 Responses to The maths trip

  1. mayonaise says:

    omg ellie that sounds rubbish haha i went and had a day of FUN!!!!! i told u bletchley park was boring!!!!

  2. elenorez says:

    Yes but I missed lessons and a test (which actually was cancelled) but that’s not the point!

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