I think I’ve just been watching Jamie’s World for 2 hours straight….8.34? And Ellie you haven’t done any homework? I’m sure you can do it on the bus tomorrow….?

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Ok….someone just tell me. 





Is it 20 past 12….or is it 20 past 11?


Fricken clocks changed and now the laptop changed automatically but my phone didn’t…

Gosh…this is stressssssssfullllll!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok…so a while back i told you about the 2 YouTube channels! Didn’t I? Yeah..i did

But back then they didn’t have any videos on…kinda pointless….but I’m here to say…


Yay! A free video for all! …ish.

So the group channel is…  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIM2rOLYzv0bcxRH5z1u3Jg/videos

And my channel is…  http://www.youtube.com/user/elliedijkhuis/videos

OK! Enjoy!


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New YouTube video has been loading for ages!!!


I swear it’s been on 97% for like 40 minutes now!!!

It look like 2 hours before that to even get to 97!!!

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So..I kinda promised my friend that I would start my homework at 6……it’s….kinda half 7…..oopsies! 

I mean….It’s only a homework

that’s graded

which goes towards our end of year grade…

and I got the homework 2 weeks ago

and its Sunday evening

and it’s due on Wednesday

and it’s important

and I really should have done it at 6



I’m sorry!!!

I will do it today! I promise! Now look, I’ve made a promise, and now I can’t break it as I posed it online!

The internet…..anyone could see this…oh dear….my history teacher would be very angry if she found out I started her homework on Sunday evening…

Nevermind….I’ll think of an excuse….somehow….

Urgh I’m so bored….and a history essay is NOT what I want to be doing right now….


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Oops again

I did not just forget to attach what I said I was gonna at attach…

Ellie made a mistake? No way? It’s not like she makes mistakes everyday…ha….ha….no….ok…sowwy!

My channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/elliedijkhuis/videos

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Break time!!

I took a break….Woopee!!!

And I definitely took it because it’s good not to overload yourself with stress and work…and not because I have no idea how to do my science homework…..definitely not….

But, in this break I’m editing my new video!! Yay!

My friends and I have recently made a YouTube account where we will be making individual videos as well as a few group videos…!!!

So far it only has 2 videos on it….1 from me and 1 from my friend Izzy….It’s called ‘Don’tJudgeMeI’mAwesome’ (cool name right?), but as the videos only have like 12-13 views in total it will be almost impossible to find! 

So I’ll link it here…  ( http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIM2rOLYzv0bcxRH5z1u3Jg/videos ) I don’t know why but my friends video hasn’t uploaded yet… my video is just me fiddling around with the effects….and me just saying hello….!! YAY! Hello!

I’ll also link you guys to my channel….I think all my videos on the main channel will be there…as well as a few random others!


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Done my RE homework…gosh that took a lot of thinking…..ok….only 3 things left now….

Come on Ellie!!!

(….the struggles of everyday life…)

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Hip hip hooray?

So I started this weekend with 5 homeworks and 4 preps….now on Sunday 11.32 ..

I still have 3 homeworks…………..AND 1 prep still

But I will try finish it all today!!


I might need some enthusiasm though….



😀 ?

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Heya people of Earth…or Mars…or Venus….? Hey I’m not planet-ist! Hello people of the universe! Well I guess there are many universes out there and then again I shouldn’t really be limiting this to only people either…I don’t want to discriminate anyone…or…anything?

Ok……New start a clean slate…..Let’s begin again….shall we?

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all been enjoying these posts and I would like to congratulate another follower/subscriber to this….uhh….to this………blog? No not REALLLLLYYYYY. Well….welcome new follower to this amazing rant session where you can listen to me rant and things going on in my life also new updates and…stuff! Also, as I’m guessing, you don’t really know much about this community, I would like to say you can also comment wit new rants that I can complain about for you and make official, or just complain about your life….and I will try to help out…but sadly, I’m sorry but most of the time I’ll just be a pair of ears!!

Well,  hope I help in making your life a little easier, so now you can come home after a long busy day of work and enjoy reading these weird, funny, and just simply annoying rants of life!

Please…..take a seat…..and enjoy.

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